​Selecting the best analytic method for each research problem requires that we be creative and thoughtful. That means, when appropriate, we will apply the analytic methods from one industry to another industry for wholly  unique and often eye-opening insights into your research problem.


  • Odds ratios
  • Logistic regression
  • Survival analysis


  • Cost & competitive analysis 
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Packaging & brand

​​Market Research

  • MaxDiff
  • Conjoint
  • Van Westendorp

​Human Resources

  • Predictive modeling 
  • Personnel life cycle 
  • Assessments

Monalco Research is fully adept at a wide-range of statistical methods ranging from ANOVA to Z-tests.

We use the best analytic method for each research problem. We understand that the choice of best analytic method varies with the industry and the research problem. Below you will see how various analytic methods tend to be more appropriate to one industry or another.